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Amidst the 2020 pandemic, owner and dog advocate, Natalie Vazquez, volunteered to

be a foster mom to a street dog from Kolkata, India who resided at a local rescue in

Pittsburgh, PA. Kiran, Hindi for, Ray of Light, arrived from the rescue shelter skittish with fear.  

As fostering came with its own challenges, seeing progress in Kira's comfortability,

confidence and playful personality made it all worth while. In less than two weeks,

you guessed right, foster fail!

Adopting Kira redirected Natalie's focus and enlightened her to the world of rescue

dogs locally and globally. After a year of researching, branding and candle

experimenting, the underlining meaning of the word Kira led to the creation of 

Halo Luminary Candle Co.


Each collection of candles honors dogs in a rescue shelter program by naming the

candle scent directly after them. The word “halo” embodies in metaphorical ways

what we want for all dogs -  to be nurtured, in safe grounds and in the hands of people

who love and respect them to their fullest. 


Thank you for all your support! 

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