Tux: Smoked Oud, Leather with White Birch

Tux: Smoked Oud, Leather with White Birch


Dress to Impress

Earth tones of smoked oud and white birch. 


He was named Tux because it looks like he is wearing a tuxedo and is ready for a night out on the town. Tux was found during the start of the lockdown in Kolkata India when one of our animal advocates saw him and his siblings trying to survive on the streets with no mother.

He received weeks and weeks of treatment and somehow survived. Tux has been in foster ever since and is growing up to be such a handsome boy.  Tux has been fully vaccinated and now we will get him sterilized. While we have had him in our program for awhile now we are facing big challenges with trying to get them moved abroad. For now Tux is doing great and we cannot wait to continue following his journey.

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